Suitable for drinking water as per IS 10500

From The CEO's Desk

I feel privileged to be interacting with you through this message. I have spent two decades working in multinational corporations, apart from my professional life I am a mother too and I know the importance of clean & hygienic water. The thought of scaling, bad water odor and rusty pipes carrying daily drinking water for families and their loved ones is unacceptable to me and for that reason my team is bringing-in a true game changer in this industry. Insta Pressfit™ meets and beats the highest order of satisfaction to all aspects of durability & safety in plumbing.

We understand that remaining at the forefront in the pipes & fittings industry will happen only if we put customer at the centre. With the support of our partners, customers, shareholders and employees, Insta Pressfit™ is committed to providing . quality & purity I am confident that my team is delivering a product that will not affect the quality of water and give hassle free plumbing solutions along with better & healthy lives.
Harjyoti Kaur - CEO

Insta PressFit

  To establish Insta Pressfit™ as a distinguished & admired manufacturer of Pipes & Fittings by creating trusted partners and providing cost effective quality products. 

Insta PressFit

  Take the pipes & fittings industry to higher standards of perfection by providing cost effective products and cover wider market segment. Our technically engineered production processes and meticulous attention to the details guarantees quality, safety, hygiene and durability. 

Insta PressFit E xcellence     T eamwork     H onesty      I nterigity     C ompetence      S kills
Insta PressFit Q uality     C ustomer Satisfaction      T imely Delivery

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Who We Are

Insta Pressfit™ is a brand of Aaira India LLP . It is recommended by Ms. Swadha Goenka,President - Aaira Overseas LLC., 679 Creek Bend Dr Vernon Hills IL 60061 United States. She is an Electronics Engineer from BITS Ranchi and an MBA from DE PAUL University, Chicago having experience in product development, sales & branding for more than 20 years. The product has experience and technical backing of the such US based entrepreneur.

The company Aaira India LLP is being mentored by Mr. Guangbin Su, President - Zhejiang Zoje Pipe Industry Co. Ltd., Huochakau Damaiyua Development Zone, Zhejiang, China. A leading manufacturer of 316L stainless steel pipes and fittings in China. Mr. Su is a market leader in this field, and has a network of 250 people working tirelessly to ensure that his company stays on top of the game. He brings his dedication and an expertise of over 12 years in the industry to Insta Pressfit™.

Why Insta PressFit ? (Suitable for drinking water as per IS10500 )

Gone are the days of antiquated copper/GI casted plumbing pipes or easily damageable plastic pipes. The introduction of 316L stainless steel pipes & fittings has redefined the plumbing industry. 316L Stainless steel pipes have successfully tackled the multi-pronged problems of seepage, leakage and contamination. At , Insta Pressfit™ we deliver the highest quality 316L steel pipes & fittings at a price that is congruous to the Indian market.

Safety :

316L Stainless steel is an inert material. It is resistant to corrosion and will not react with toxic chemicals that sometimes seep into the ground. Furthermore, it prevents the growth of algae, fungus and is resistant to most bacteria. These qualities make 316L stainless steel the ideal material for pipes that contain drinking water.

Hygiene :

InstaPressfit The 316L stainless steel used for Insta Pressfit™ is of top quality. It is the same stable, high quality steel that is used in hospitals across the world in replacement surgeries. Insta Pressfit™ pipes, once installed, will last for decades and will deliver a consistent level of safety throughout without fear of scaling and bad odor.

Quality & Innovation :

316L Stainless steel has a high tensile strength. Pipes & fittings made from this material are of highest quality and last for decades. Our quality is our topmost priority. Our manufacturing processes and technology focus on making the joints resistant to damage even under high water pressure.

Our cleverly designed fittings can be installed by any plumber using our specially designed hydraulic crimping tools. The installation of our pipes & fittings is quick and hassle-free

Affordability :

We, at Insta Pressfit™ , believe that the benefits of our products far outweigh their cost. But to make them easily available and within reach of the Indian market, we have regulated the prices of our pipes & fittings. Insta Pressfit™ is not only revolutionary, but it is affordable too.

The Making of 316L S. S. Pipes

Insta PressFit
Insta PressFit
Insta PressFit
Insta PressFit