6 Steps Installation Process

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High Speed Blade To Cut the Pipe
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Cut the Pipe in round shape
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Smoothen pipe edges avoid gasket damage
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Insert the pipe till the end of the fitting
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Keep the fitting collar in The middle of tool
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It's Done


Advantages of S.S Pipes

Potable Water

Insta Pressfit™ Stainless Steel offers a broad choice of suitable piping systems and fittings for open or closed potable water and process water systems.

All systems components are available in 316L grade and are completely corrosion resistant. We produce complete product ranges using top-rank productions processes and fulfil the most stringent requirements. Our products have all major national and international quality and approvals.

Heat & Cooling

Insta Pressfit™ has the best solutions for heating and cooling systems. Thanks to their design and the production process, the fittings do not have sharp edges inside,

therefore they have a very low flow resistance and noise level. The compact fittings are very easy to insulate. Easy installation, security and top quality are our primary focus at Insta Pressfit™ .


Solar installations are systems where temperatures in the summer can reach very high temperatures, but the installation will be subject to very low temperatures in the winter time.

To cover both the high and low temperatures different additives are added to the water to prevent the water from freezing and to efficiently transfer the heat to the heating installation of the building. These conditions make solar installations one of the more severe applications in piping systems. Insta Pressfit™ has several systems in the assortment you can apply carefree in solar installations

Compressed Air

For compressed air installations Insta Pressfit™ offers numerous solutions. Insta Pressfit™ and compressed air are a combination used very frequently.

Depending on water and oil content different choices in material and O-rings are available. Installations instructions Obviously the compressed air piping systems need to be properly tested after installation. The system designer and installer should provide a safe test method, which meets all current health and safety regulations. For further instructions, please refer to the technical documentation.